Summer is the time when you want to go on vacation, to move, to enjoy. But we don’t always know who to do it with… Our Holidays As A Couple is only a few weeks old. Is it enough to get started and travel together? We weigh the pros and cons.

What timing for a holiday together? – Holidays As A Couple

The first holidays are an important moment for a young couple. Whether you don’t know everything about each other yet or you already know each other very well, this step always reveals little surprises. Are you ready to discover them?

We already know each other on a daily basis

The hardest part of vacationing together is sharing daily life (and your toothbrush). But if you already sleep several nights a week together, that you have already created an intimacy (you know the head – and the breath – of your partner when you wake up), it will be easier DilMil for you to skip this step. Because what is the most stressful during a first escapade, it is indeed the small details to reveal to the other. ..

We feel good

It may seem obvious, but you really have to feel very comfortable with him/her to be together 24 hours a day one-on-one. This implies complicity, sharing and a lot of communication, otherwise you will end up with moments that are a little empty. If your relationship is not well enough established and you are not sure of yourself, wait until you have built your story a little more.

We have the same wishes – Holidays As A Couple

Leaving together necessarily implies being on the same wavelength, on many levels. Holidays are thought out in advance and the “preparation” stage is important. If you are considering it, you must speak to you freely and affirm your desires. On the destination, of course: you have to find a place that can fulfill both. Same for housing: no need to pretend to be roots when you have the soul of a princess… Finally, if you are independent by nature, warn the other. He/she will be able to understand that you need/want an hour of solitude to run, walk or do your own activities.

But don’t think too much, and listen to yourself; holidays are also and above all a special and enchanting moment, where you can discover the other in a different way. It’s also a great way to find out if your relationship can be more serious. Enjoy!

Summer is really a special time: ideal for flirting and playing sports under the sun! What if we did both at the same time? Whether you are on your vacation spot or spending the summer in your area, here are the ideal activities for meeting people, while occupying your days!

Propose Holidays As A Couple: When Do You Dare?Sports Activities Conducive to Meetings – Holidays As A Couple


Nothing better than a canoe trip when the sun is beating down. If you decide to do it with friends, you will be sailing on the water, but you will not be alone because this activity is very popular. When you stop for a picnic, you will meet many other “companions”! It’s your turn…


Activity full of sensations! Clinging to each other, you will vibrate to the rhythm of obstacles. It creates links. If you are alone, you will often even be able to find someone on site to share your quad. Otherwise, you can always wait for the next quad event organized by Meetic. DilMil.Co Don’t forget to check out the program !


You are not a great sportsman (it happens) but you still want to enjoy the conviviality of sport. Pétanque is a good compromise (and it is becoming very trendy: the proof ). And if you play in town, you will see, you will quickly attract a small crowd who will come to watch you, or even join you for a game.

Hikes – Holidays As A Couple

Going to discover nature, in a group, is an ideal opportunity to meet new people. Throughout the day you will have time to discover yourself while marveling at the landscapes.


If you are lucky enough to find yourself near a surf spot, take the opportunity to take a few lessons. You will surely be numerous, you will be able to help each other. And you can even flirt with the teacher …

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Swimming – Holidays As A Couple

Swimming is often an integral part of summer holidays. At the beach or at the swimming pool, there are many opportunities to talk, especially since the atmosphere is relaxed. But put the swimming cap down before going to approach the pretty mermaid in the towel next door. 

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