Many women register on an international dating site because they want to change something in their lives, they believe that they are ready for change. However, before looking for changes outside, you need to change yourself, become ready for a new life stage, change your way of thinking, be ready to work on yourself and bring your plans to life. review Changes, and with them your new life, begin, first of all, in you.

Because you can’t change anything if…

  • keep waiting for change instead of acting;
  • continue wasting your time (on bad habits, relationships that don’t make you happy, clouding your mind by “sitting” on social media and discussing other people’s lives, and much, much more) instead of appreciating your limited time ( each of us is given only one life. Time is a limited resource, not renewable, for each of us it moves in only one direction.) and use it for the benefit of ourselves and others;
  • continue doing what you do not like, instead of taking risks and finding yourself in a new professional field or creating your own business;
  • NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN INTERNATIONAL DATING SITEyou will not stop being a victim of circumstances, but continue to blame others for your failures, instead of realizing com your mistakes and accepting new experience;
  • continue to depend on the opinions of other people, instead of allowing yourself the luxury of being yourself, accepting and loving yourself for who you are;
  • “live” in the past, reveling in past grievances and engaging in self-flagellation;
  • continue to see only the negative in people, situations, opportunities, only the possibility of a bad outcome of events, the collapse of hopes and failure;
  • you will not understand that the world has changed and continues to change, so some ideas and stereotypes imposed on you by the society in which you grew up and live inevitably become outdated, remain in the past.

Be confident in yourself and in the success of your endeavors

You are required to have a sense of purpose. A determination to take everything from life, to live your own unique life, to achieve your goals. The desire to work on yourself and bring your plans and ideas to life today, not postponing until tomorrow or until a favorable combination of circumstances!

Start striving for the life you dream of. Do not just imagine it for yourself, but start taking real steps today. Live now and don’t waste precious time because you won’t get a second chance.

Try to understand what beliefs have so far held you back, prevented you from feeling like the mistress of the situation, the mistress of your life, and prevented change. If you want change, then you need to reject it, no matter how “logical” you think it may be. “I can’t…”, “I’m not smart enough / educated / beautiful”, “I’m afraid…”, “other people should…”, “everything will work out by itself, without my participation”, “what if…”, “Oh, she was just lucky…”, “a woman should be…” a woman owes nothing to anyone!

Except as a “debt” to herself: to be happy! It’s up to her to decide how how to behave. How to look like, how to manage her life and whom to love. “it’s indecent for a woman …”, “a man should be …”, “a man is obliged …”, “there is always someone who knows more / can do better / more competent / smarter / luckier / prettier…,

  • Allow yourself to think positively. So that you don’t even think that something is not available to you or is doomed to failure.
  • Set goals for yourself.
  • Develop a realistic plan to achieve them.
  • It is difficult to take the first step and not give up on your goal. When you see the first obstacles on the way.
  • Develop, work on yourself. Read books, learn foreign languages. All this is an investment in yourself and your future, “beauty” procedures for your inner world.
  • Much is just our view of the problem. Change your attitude to the current life situation and the achievement of the goal.
  • Develop in yourself purposefulness, perseverance and willpower.
  • Reward yourself if you have made it to a significant milestone towards your goal (not just getting off the couch and setting a vague goal. But developing a plan and achieving the first results).

Idle — comfortable – international dating site

People who have achieved their goal have gone through the path of becoming. Inaction is convenient and can have many excuses. One of them is the fear of failure (whether conscious or unconscious). Taking active steps towards your dream is always a risk. But along with the risk of failure, there is also a great chance of success. It is impossible to reach the finish line without taking part in the race. Behind every success story (be it your own business, raising children, or a happy family) is hard work.


Is your goal a happy marriage with a foreigner? – international dating site

In this case, start investing time, effort and money (professional photography. Foreign language courses, sports, healthy eating, etc.) to achieve your goal. Forget the stereotypes of thinking inherent in Eastern European society learn a foreign language. Take care of your health (a healthy woman is a beautiful woman. Who attracts the attention of men), be prepare to pay a lot of time to communicate with foreigners. Do not be shy and write first to the gentlemen you like. Make trips (which means, among other things, find an opportunity to meet men. Even if it means taking a vacation. At work at your own expense), plan your a new life abroad (think about what you would like to do if you move to live with your husband in another country).

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