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The subject of our How to be less jealous post today is jealousy, that “pet” that keeps biting you. You must have heard those cliché phrases like: “who loves takes care  or “jealousy is essential to the relationship  and even though jealousy is synonymous with love. Yeah, these phrases only make you even more jealous, and they don’t contribute anything to your relationship. But jealousy is not always as good and necessary as they say, especially if this feeling is going too far for you.

Excessive jealousy is not only bad for the relationship, but also for you. This feeling when it consumes us can bring our self-esteem down, or even provoke anger with harmful consequences. And it was with this in mind that I prepared some tips for you to be able to control this feeling that can be so harmful. Check out what they are and learn how to be less jealous!?

1 – Reflect on what makes you so jealous

We don’t control feelings , you control thoughts . So start to observe and reflect on your jealousy crises and what kind of thought becomes the trigger for this strong emotion; this is essential!

The tip is for you to observe the moments you feel jealous, for example:

  • If you feel jealous of your husband with friends, try to identify why;
  • If your jealousy is related to a specific woman, for example, a co-worker, try to understand what makes you have this feeling.
  • What does it mean to be with friends and not with you? What does this woman or coworker represent, her behavior to you?
  • Do you approve of in yourself and condemn in the other?
  • Is your jealousy provoked or is it a lifelong learning experience?

How to be less jealous: check out 5 foolproof tips!Remembering that the proposed exercise must be done at a time when the jealousy crisis has passed. When we are feeling something in excess, our rational side ends up taking a back seat. However, when the jealousy passes, you can better visualize the situation. If your rationale understands YourLoveMeet that there are no reasons, or that the whole crisis was for bullshit, the chance of you not reproducing this behavior increases.

2 – Talk to your partner – How to be less jealous

Talking to your partner about the feeling can also help. When we are in a relationship, dialogue about all situations is essential.

How about putting all your cards on the table and talking about the reason(s) for your jealousy? Many behaviors can be avoided by the partner. There are still attitudes that he may not even notice, that bother you. In addition, he can explain about some situation and clear up a whole misunderstanding.

But please, tempers can’t be heated at the time of this conversation, try to calm down and then in a place reserved for two, open this conversation. Nobody needs to put on “a show” in public to show their worth, right?

3 – Don’t try to compare with past relationships

In a new relationship, understand the rules and come to a consensus, gradually showing what behaviors you have and what bothers you to see. But be reasonable, if you already understand that it’s something harmless, that your mind is capable of creating unlikely things, you don’t need to create such rigid rules, at the risk of not leaving the relationship or mature.

Past relationships are unique experiences lived by you and a totally different person, so beware of generalizations and repetitions of behaviors that detonated your relationship or marriage. You must think that you are in a new relationship with someone else, so the traumas of the past must be left behind. This is the best way to live a healthy relationship.

4 – Increase your self-love

Many women still don’t know this, but the more we love each other, the less jealous we are of our partner. That’s right, a well-resolved person is less dependent on the other, and because of that jealousy ends up being a not so present feeling.

Increasing your self-love goes beyond getting ready, taking care of your body, hair and putting on good makeup. Do activities that give you pleasure, read, take courses, help others, all these things can raise our self- esteem , as they are activities that generate pleasure and gratification.

5 – Do activities alone or with friends – How to be less jealous

Our fifth tip came to complement the fourth. Experts recommend that very jealous people do activities alone or with a group of friends. As the person gains their individuality, their self-esteem increases until they gain independence.

We believe that this way you will be with your partner for pleasure and thus, consequently, you will be a less jealous person. In addition to leaving him free to be with you by choice.

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When jealousy comes in excess, it hides a dependency, a need to be with the other at all costs. As we gain our independence and raise self-esteem, this feeling ends up being left behind. In addition to reducing jealousy, we guarantee that your relationship will be much happier.

If, even understanding and agreeing with these tips. You still feel like you can’t do it differently, or think that this is your way and that “who loves too much”. It could be that you are suffering from emotional dependence. So you need to understand. How this is for you and how you can ease this difficulty. So that you don’t run the risk of starting a new relationship and overwhelming you. With your deepest needs, waiting for the other to take care of it.

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