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When you register on a dating site, Not Lie On Your Profile, you have to go through the “fill in your profile” step . While some like to open up and present themselves (virtually), others are reluctant to exercise, or take the opportunity to “reinvent” themselves a bit.
Lying on a profile? Tempting. But useless… We explain why.

Small lies, big damage

At the beginning, we say to ourselves “I’m not afraid of anything, behind my screen”, and we may want to create a more glorious life, more filled with character traits SharekAlomre that we don’t have… By telling ourselves that no one will know. Except, of course; we end up wanting to actually meet the person with whom we are discussing. And it will be compromised if we lied!

A lie is not a good basis for a meeting

When you register on a dating site, you hope to be able to start a great story. But for this to be possible, you have to start in the franchise. You can’t build anything good on lies, however small they may be (it’s true that 5cm more on your waist… but NO!). Because trust is indeed the most precious thing… Think about it before venturing into a little lie.

Do not tangle the brushes

By lying, we can very quickly get bogged down in indelicate situations. We can for example forget the version we have imagined, and become embarrassed, and want to go even further to catch up…. A vicious circle, pleasant for no one. So: false good idea!

Show ourselves as we are – Not Lie On Your Profile

We often lie to pass off more this, less that. In fact, we would like to erase our small imperfections to show only the good sides of our personality. We often forget that it is nevertheless thanks to them that we please! Head in the air, clumsy , always late ? that’s what makes us endearing.

When you’re under the duvet, you put pressure on yourself to “be on top”, give pleasure to the other and of course, make love as long as possible . Even if it is not the most important in the sexual act, there are still some small tricks for this essentially male concern!

Dating: Why Not Lie On Your Profile | ChinaLove 2022Take care of your body

Playing sports is of course useful if you want to “be sure”. Whether it’s breath, heart or stamina, physical fitness plays a big part in sex. So don’t resign yourself to SharekAlomre.Com going to the gym from time to time!

Make foreplay last – Not Lie On Your Profile

When we are very excited, we get carried away, we go fast, even if it means forgetting the “basics”. However, the preliminaries are a moment apart, which should not be neglected. Making them last is a good way to control yourself, and to prolong the bubble of pleasure.

Try slow sex

Slow sex is a slower way of making love, with tender, gentle gestures that heighten the sensations. Take your time: that’s one of the secrets!

To “relieve” yourself before – Not Lie On Your Profile

This is one of the advice we took from Mary at all costs : when you’re really afraid of not (re)holding, or even after a long time without sex, you can, if you wish , masturbate before finding his partner. This will avoid “precocity”…

Strengthen the perineum

The perineum is not only important for women! In men, a muscular perineum allows both a harder erection, and block the coming of orgasm. So save time…


slow down the other – Not Lie On Your Profile

If your partner gets very excited and it affects you, do not hesitate to let him know. Whisper a “slowly…” She will have no reason to be offended, on the contrary: she will feel desirable and will help you to contain yourself. A sex party is always played by two, don’t forget that!

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