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A dream we all share is to have Intimate and Loving Relationships. Whether it takes us time to find “the one and only”, whether we “fall in love at first sight”, we still need to consciously “work” with our partner in order to see our dream come true. The “work” – which can be a joyful experience – starts when we understand what it takes to develop and maintain truly intimate and loving relationships and Dating.

If you practice the four guidelines outlined here you’ll become empowered to develop such relationships:


Intimacy is your ability to share your real feelings, needs, wishes, disappointments, and expectations with your partner. It is the ability to talk about what takes place between the two of you. It’s allowing each other to express opinions and emotions. It involves listening to each other without criticism and judgment while showing respect.


Authenticity is your ability, to be honest with yourself as well as with your partner.

It’s having the courage to take your masks off and be “who you really are”. It’s feeling comfortable at expressing and doing what’s right for you and not doing what doesn’t feel right.

Mutual Acceptance

Accepting your partner the way he/she is, without trying to change him/her. This requires understanding that no one is perfect and that’s o.k. to disagree on some issues. As you accept and respect one another you experience an “open heart”: you’re then able to feel, give and receive more love.

Intimate and Loving Relationships - Guidelines for SuccessSelf-Awareness

In order to have satisfying relationships from, you’d want to develop your Self-Awareness. This means, becoming aware of:

  • The way in which you react and behave towards your partner.
  • The fears and needs which might be preventing you from being “who you really are” with your partner.
  • The belief system, perception of reality, and messages you’ve unconsciously internalized and are yet unaware of, which drive your interactions with your partner (and might stand in your way of true love).
  • The ways in which you might be sabotaging your relationship.

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The more you pay attention to and practice these four guidelines, the more self-aware you become, and more empowered to change whatever needs change in order to maintain an intimate and loving relationship.

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