How to End a Date - Whether the Date Was Good Or Bad

Get ready: you’ll hear a lot of advice Get Over Your Breakup when you tell friends that your love relationship has ended. Some will say things that will touch you deeply, triggering transformative reflections. Others will offer words that you will think are silly – that may even irritate you. The intention is always the same: to help. But people are different — and so are their ways of coping with life’s consequences.

Tips for getting over a breakup

In this post, we share 8 tips to get over the end of a story, of a love . But like your friends , what we have to say is not a magic formula.

Allow yourself to read the suggestions without prejudice. Ignore those who don’t talk to your pain. Stick to the ones that bother you the most. After all, what disturbs us the most is what we first need to resolve.

Keep reading and, if you can leave any advice in the comments that you believe is valuable, complete our list!

  1. Read

Read this post, other posts from this blog , from other blogs. Read books, short stories, poems. Reading is a solitary exercise, but it leaves us in good company.

What does reading have to do with strategies for getting over a breakup, marriage , or whatever? Well, we can sum it up by saying that reading makes us think. It lends us examples, from other lives, calling for self- analysis and the development of new behaviors.

A text is a chatty and silent friend at the same time.

Don’t worry about focusing your readings on the “ relationship ” topic. Your mind knows how to see metaphors and welcomes opportunities to interpret between the lines.

When we have a problem, regardless of its nature, reading can bring us new points of view and teachings of resilience .

A book on business administration can, in one sentence, go beyond its purpose and connect us with answers we’ve long sought. And we’re not talking about calculations! DilMil Believe me: it doesn’t matter what the author meant. What matters is what you understand.

  1. Extend the previous tip to movies, music, fine arts!

We have an urgency to be understood, especially when we are fragile. Our identity gets confused and loses contours whenever an end is imposed on our routine.

We understand each other in contact with the other, who mirrors us. We recover in these mirrors. We give names to the unknown feelings, to the sufferings that torment. When the other expresses what we cannot define, we feel understood. And we managed to move forward.

The arts, in their different manifestations, are this other, par excellence.

It doesn’t have to be a big job. A silly movie from the afternoon session, a comic strip or the cheesy music of the soap opera (when not the soap opera itself) can express the scream you’ve been holding back. Art is borrowed relief.

  1. Relationship: 8 Tips to Get Over Your BreakupRespect your time

A cliché, we know. It’s such a well-worn advice, but so well-worn, that we despise it. However, it is a commandment that we should not lose sight of.

Respecting your own time is accepting the season of crying, without guilt . It’s understanding that sadness doesn’t pack its bags the day after love leaves.

So accept invitations to go out, embrace opportunities to have fun. But instant recovery from a breakup is not covered .

On the other hand, respecting their time is also not accepting the cesspool as a permanent home. Your time deserves to be treated with dignity. Don’t turn it into an infinite storm.

If you feel that discouragement is going too far, seek help from a psychologist . It will help you discover new avenues of thought .

  1. Invest in self-image

Warning: this tip doesn’t suggest you take zillions of selfies and share them on social media , to show you’re okay!

Self-image is a look at oneself, not at the approval or impression of the other.

Investing in self-image is prioritizing a healthy relationship with the inevitably constant person throughout your life: you.

If you put yourself down, you will have to live, every second, with that defeatist personality that you nurtured. A toxic relationship is not necessarily something that involves two people. You, alone, can boycott, violate, belittle yourself. Do not be to yourself what you would not like to find or receive from someone else.

At first, it may sound superficial to you. But we indicate: take care of your own beauty! No thinking about patterns! Remember that the idea is to nurture self- esteem , to emphasize what is authentic and original.

Discover ways of self-care that give you pleasure. It can be through food, physical activity (how about dancing? yoga? fighting?), a beauty ritual with cosmetics with ecstatic textures, colors and perfumes.

Summon the senses. Self-esteem sometimes really starts from the outside in.

  1. Leave the past in its place

Don’t expect to forget the person you lived with. That won’t happen — unless you suffer from some sort of amnesia…

However, don’t call her for her gift. Memories will come to you. But don’t leave them as parameters for a future relationship. When we look back, we edit our perception. Have you noticed? Memory selects “scenes”, choosing what to ignore and what to display.

You can remember the relationship that ended only for the “good parts”, creating an unrealistic expectation of a next partner, who will need to be everything that memory established as a standard of happiness .

Or he may remember only the bad things and see signs of repetition in attitudes that, in fact, have no correspondence with past experience. Learn from mistakes and avoid pitfalls. However, don’t confuse common sense with fixation.

Another thing of paramount importance: no stalking the life of the old love through social networks! Not through mutual friends. Sooner or later, it will bring Get Over Your Breakup you more suffering. His goal is to break the bond and make room for new achievements, new stories, new memories. Keep that in mind!

  1. This too shall pass

Make it a mantra. Repeat, to yourself, as many times as you need. Not just in breakup situations.

This is one of the top relationship tips with life! Everything passes. Unfortunately, even that is good.

As Guimarães Rosa taught, life is crossing.

  1. Think positive – Get Over Your Breakup

It’s pretty hard for a relationship to end when you’re both in love, let’s face it. And if the interest – at least on one of the parties – was no longer “all that”, we can assume that the courtship or marriage was not in its best days.

So what was it that you missed?

Suffering can occur, to a large extent, by the imposition of change, by the famous exit from the comfort zone – even if, of comfort, there was little there.

Focus on noticing what the end brought good. Focus on realizing how many ends — of negative circumstances and moods — the break brought with it.

Realize the possibility of starting over, of more quality time with friends or involvement in things you liked – but had left behind due to the routine of the relationship .

Meet again! Enjoy the freedom. Reinvent your everyday. Make room for your individual preferences and choices. Make the moment a personal evolution challenge.

  1. Believe in a new relationship – Get Over Your Breakup

If you’ve paid attention to the previous tips, you’ll come to this one prepared!

Just in case, do a “checklist” before proceeding. Well-resolved self-esteem? Personal development in order? Broken bond? Crying time over? So it’s time to take chances at random!

Also don’t wait for new love to knock on your door. Don’t wait for someone to rescue you from limbo. Notice the people around you and make yourself noticed.

If you like the idea, let friends introduce you to interesting people. Open yourself up to people you live with, friendships that can turn into something more. Leave home when you have the opportunity. It’s always nice to lend a hand to fate.

A very functional option are apps and social networking sites . Research which platforms would be more compatible with your profile and what you are looking for. Be responsible, take care of yourself, but allow yourself some virtual flirting — and real encounters.

Research which platforms would be more compatible with your profile and what you are looking for. Be responsible, take care of yourself, but allow yourself some virtual flirting — and real encounters.

Just make sure that whatever way you choose to meet new people, your expectations are grounded. It is natural that some attempts will result in error. Accept and move on!

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A little addendum about relationship – Get Over Your Breakup

All these tips on how to get over a breakup are for men and women, okay? Pain makes no distinction between sex. And the behavior , contrary to what one might think, is very similar between humans .

Demonstrations can vary, of course. As well as the overcoming time and the strategies used. After all, each of us has a unique personality.

What doesn’t change is that, after a relationship ends, if there is an opening, a new one tends to arrive in its place. And when people are feeling good about themselves, chances are their relationships will improve. Have greater quality and maturity.

In other words, the end is a necessary stage for happiness to be reborn, even more sure of itself.

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