How to End a Date - Whether the Date Was Good Or Bad

Congratulations! Best Medicine is Love I hope you have time and light at home, and you can go to Book net to read an interesting book. And I want to recommend my co-author lovingfeel Vlada Kholod’s romance novel about an incredible love story against the background of hospital days!

For me, the books “Heal my heart” and “I will heal your heart “are like an interesting series from which it is impossible to tear myself away. It was not for nothing that the author chose the tag “forbidden love”, because here it is really about a relationship that has several taboos: a teacher and his student, an office romance, and at the same time each of the heroes has his own “half”. But will these “forbidden” feelings be stronger than human prejudices and career obstacles?

Best Medicine is Love

We would like to hope that it will be so. For now, all that remains is to keep our fingers crossed for Stasya and Oleg, because they still have a lot of challenges ahead of them!

Now the first book ” Heal my heart ” has already been completed. It is free!


Oleg: “She’s a taboo. My student, clumsy, who was late for the first class. A girl in love with another student, so annoying. I’ve been in a relationship with a girl. Who loves me for a long time. But is being loved enough to be happy? “

Stasya: “He is a taboo. A brilliant doctor, my manager, a teacher whom I admire and, it seems, I am beginning to feel something for. But I have long loved someone else, Vadim. We live together, and what does it matter that he does not love me ?!.. My love can be enough for the two of us!..”

Do Not Forget That The Best Medicine is LoveHappy Reading And Good Mood!  – Best Medicine is Love

The continuation of the story ” I will heal your heart ” is still in progress. By the way, this book is interesting because here the story is told not only from a pair of main characters, as in the first part of the dilogy, but also from some secondary characters, that is, we can see the same situation through the eyes of different people!


Oleg: “For the sake of being with her, I left my bride. Stasia and I are made for each other, but there is one problem: because review  of our relationship, she may lose her place in the internship. And she’s a genius, so I have no choice but to dump her for her own good…”

Stasya: “In order to be with him, I left my boyfriend. Oleg is my teacher, my other half, he loves me, but decides that our love interferes with our work. Instead of finding another solution. He abandons me, but I will not give up, I believe that only I can heal his heart…”


So, subscribe to Vlada and immerse yourself in the world of romance and emotions, where. at the same time, important moral questions are raise. Which is characteristic of the works of my co-author.

And we are also preparing a joint novelty for the New Year and Christmas holidays. The book is already being actively write, and will be publish on December 24! And you can read the background of the future novel ! I will be grateful for your support of my story “Everything will come true” at the ” New Year’s Surprise ” contest!

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