Chat Messages From Real Women A Scam It’s very hard to not be skeptical when you start receiving chat messages immediately after registering for a free member on We received 5 chat messages within a minute of signing up on the Dating site. After doing so many reviews it’s hard not to see that these are probably going to be automated chat requests and not real people.

just because there are pictures of attractive looking Asian women that appear to be sending you those messages, are they really chatting with you? Another thing to consider is that all the image of female members on this site look like they have been taken by a professional photographer.

Why would a professional photographer be taking photos unless he was getting paid to do it? And who would pay him to take professional model photos? Who benefits from the use of photos of models? The web site would benefit the most because in order to chat with the women you need to buy credits. We are not 100% sure that these women are in fact fake but common sense tells us not to purchase credits to this service. Take a look at the supporting evidence we have below. To us, those females look like professional models and the photos are professionally taken.

Is A ScamProfessional Models Or Real Girls? – A Scam

If you look at any female profile on they all look like professional models. All the women on this site are very attractive looking Asian girls with professional photographs in their profiles. Is this real or just a trick to get us to purchase credits in order to communicate with these women? There is no clear evidence that these women are fake but at the same time, there is no evidence that they are legitimate either.

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From our experience, if it seems to good to be true then it probably is. We will not purchase credits on a site that we are unsure of. Take a look at the profiles that we found while searching the database of members. These don’t look like regular women to us, they look like professional models.

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