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Complete and total scam and these guys will be laughing all the way to the bank as they probably steal your identity as well. Stay clear of these types of sites that dream of a hot Asian girl who is 18 years old moving to America for you and giving you lap dances and cooking chow mien is only a pipe dream. If you pay for a membership, just realize you are just paying for a fantasy.

‘Looking for Love’ on

I have a friend that was one of the girls ‘looking for love’ on She left the site- after asking more than 20 times to be removed. 6 months later the agency re-activated her profile…it was just a translator pretending to be her.

As time went on and restrictions lifted, we returned to our traveling lifestyle. But this time, we were together as adventure buddies, hiking America’s National Parks to snorkeling in the Caribbean. In true “Sydney and Caleb” fashion, the two weeks leading up to our wedding in Grand Teton National Park, we did a cross-country road trip, hitting as many National Parks as we could along the way.

Each day our excitement grew in anticipation for the wedding week celebrations and activities with our closest family and friends. But four days before our wedding, everything changed. Complete and Total Scam Caleb and I both unexpectedly tested positive for Covid. We are both vaccinated and I had already had Covid once before, so this wasn’t even something on our radar. To say we were heartbroken is an understatement.

Chinalove - Complete and Total ScamRELATIONSHIP

From that day on, we wanted together every waking minute. Just like everyone else in the world, we spent the next few months in quarantine lockdown. We spent time in the kitchen baking new recipes, volunteering at a local food bank, having movie marathons, dreaming of the first places we’d go post quarantine, and going on lots of runs just to get outside. Our relationship completely skipped the “honeymoon“ phase.

Caleb fell in love with me in quarantine—baggy sweatpants, rarely washed hair, no makeup, and all. It wasn’t until a month into our relationship that we saw each other in “real clothes.” We had decided to dress up for Easter to watch church online in our living room. Eventually as the world started to open back up, Caleb went back to work and I was helping brides navigate canceling their weddings, Covid elopements, and celebration reschedules.

Fast forward 10 months, the second wave of Covid hit. Last minute National Park shutdowns forced Caleb to change his proposal plan. This was the first time we would learn that sometimes “Plan B” was always meant to be. I said “yes” to forever with him in Shenandoah National Park on a sunset picnic and I couldn’t have been more happy. It was time for this wedding planner to finally be the bride!


These guys ARE laughing all the way to the bank…total liars. I hate to think of the all the guys out there that con themselves that this is the real deal…BE WARN!!!

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