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LovingFeel.com is at the heart of today’s research. This site is defined as a sort of Asian mail order site for the bride. Apparently, it is an international dating service. It is designed to connect Caucasian men in Western countries with Asian women located in countries like China, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. But impressions can be very misleading. The fact that you look like a dating site doesn’t mean that it is. So we went out to find out the truth. We also wanted to know if it was a place where you could interact with real Asian women, or it was a scam like many of the Asian dating sites we’ve exhibited in recent years. 

Long-Distance Relationships

LovingFeel.com, which attracts romantics from all over the world, is the perfect service for busy singles looking for quick conversations, long-distance relationships, and potential marriage.

We had no major complaints and only good experience of Lovingfeel. The dating service is nicely put together with a quality membership that will serve you up with plenty of matches. The features are simple but work very well and are easy to get to grips with. You will need to buy credits in order to communicate with other users but that’s pretty much par for the course. The main thing is you have a successful and enjoyable time when you date online. And with Lovingfeel you will likely come into contact with some interesting matches.

Website: www.LovingFeel.com

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This dating website is a trash

I would never waste my time, energy and money on this site again! This dating website is a trash ! Don’t waste your money and energy at all !!!! I won’t renew mine and I would never be on that website…. More

- January 4, 2020
He is a fraud

He is a fraud and will catfish you. I know several women he has done this to. Be very careful. On another note, It is the worst dating site ever. It attracts a poor quality of men.

- December 20, 2019
This site is FULL of scammers and frauds

This site is FULL of scammers and frauds. I can’t even count any more how many scam messages I have received. The only reason I haven’t deleted my account yet is because I make it a point to report ea…. More

hughesf9 - December 3, 2019
It is a fraud!

It is a fraud! They steal your money and put fake profiles in your email to make you think women want you but it’s all a lead to nothing! They make icky people think fake beautiful women want them in…. More

2v3d4jh - December 2, 2019
Many of the photos don't look authentic

Does anyone get a reply from anyone on LovingFeel.com? I don’t mean a ‘tell me more about yourself’ reply, I mean an actual reply that is meaningful from someone on the site? You see no one on the sit…. More

losbrachvn - November 1, 2019
fake profile

They just want your money by their fake profile. No thing else..

diarthw - November 1, 2019
Lovingfeel is a total bunkum.

Lovingfeel is a total bunkum. It is indeed a rip off. I was trying out the $19 per month subscription but ended up $46 something cent charge. This is outrageous. They don’t tell ypu of their supposed …. More

bondzyb - October 10, 2019
Lovingfeel take your money

Lovingfeel take your money and then don’t answer emails to sort out problems with login on. three of my friends and i have carried out their instructions to obtain a new password all to no avail.

nicole4832kid - July 23, 2019