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Your Travel Mates is at the forefront of the online dating world and offers an unmatched global reach. Launched in 1993, our company now covers more than 32 countries and offers the technology that lets members take dating further than ever. Our ambition is to connect singles no matter where they are and inspire romance on a global scale. The experience we have built since our launch has given us a real insight into what people look for when it comes to dating. We offer the most direct and successful approach to meeting singles anywhere in the world. is a new generation of travel dating projects based on the idea that everyone needs a travel companion. It is one of the most exciting ways to meet your soulmate or a beautiful travel companion. 

The World of

We strive to make your vacations and getaways the most unforgettable experience you will ever have by bringing together singles, locals, and travelers onto the same platform. Our users are as passionate as they are curious — bridging the gaps between cultures and countries. By immersing yourself in the world of YourTravelMates, you’re allowing yourself to learn about new cultures and new people.

YourTravelMates is a social platform where every traveler can share their experiences, find awesome travel buddies and gain invaluable knowledge from locals. The service welcomes everyone who is interested in traveling to join and help build the greatest travel community out there. It is a trip planning platform – a home for more than 50 000 travelers. The service aims to make travel experiences and getaways unforgettable by helping members find their most desired travel partner or companion from a varied list of users, bridging the gap between cultures, countries and travel experiences.

YourTravelMates motivates and inspires travelers to talk about trips, share advice from locals, recommendations and more. YourTravelMates service makes it quite easy to meet someone with local knowledge of a destination user want to visit. The service has unique content (ex. travel photos) and functions.  Our audience is comprised of adults traveling for both leisure and business – all looking to experience the world.



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Phone Number: +1-888-985-0020

Address: 10 Anson Road #05-17, International Plaza, Singapore (079903)

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Not worth the money or time

Not worth the money or time

- December 28, 2019
I say avoid this site

I say avoid this site at all costs its as fake as they come.

- December 21, 2019

Well majority of the girls on the side were scammers from different locations. All they wanted was money telling you a sad story. It just was a joke. It’s not just this one. They were all similar ripo…. More

tepkamav4 - December 4, 2019
Never pay for a subscription

Never pay for a subscription or you will be very sorry!

furovirusj2 - December 4, 2019
End up not satisfied

Has limited features, limited options. You cannot even filter what you are looking for, and when you go through all the options available, you end up not satisfied.

punxpinayul - November 1, 2019
I'm embarrassed

I’m embarrassed that I got on, I should have known better. The website is awe full to maneuver.

memopad854l - November 1, 2019
Total rip off

Total rip off they send phony messages and consistently lie why isn’t it shut down and a class action lawsuit started?

liaceberaw2 - October 6, 2019
Stay away!

The conversations were unreal. Too many good-looking men compared to what you find on real dating apps. And they would always say what they think you want to hear. And they can’t answer any real quest…. More

kevin070tig - July 2, 2019