Chinalove – Complete and Total Scam

Posted On : April 23, 2018

Complete and total scam and these guys will be laughing all the way to the bank as they probably steal your identity as well. Stay clear of these types of sites that dream of a hot Asian girl who is 18 years old moving to America for you and giving you lap dances and cooking chow mien is only a pipe dream. If you pay for a membership, just realize you are just paying for a fantasy.

‘Looking for Love’ on

I have a friend that was one of the girls ‘looking for love’ on She left the site- after asking more than 20 times to be removed. 6 months later the agency re-activated her profile…it was just a translator pretending to be her.

Chinalove Fraud, ChinaLove

These guys ARE laughing all the way to the bank…total liars. I hate to think of the all the guys out there that con themselves that this is the real deal…BE WARNED!!!


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